Jul 18, 2014

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"...Should I take online classes?"

If you're wondering this, my answer is Yes! Don't be afraid or doubtful because you'll learn a lot.

Yesterday, July 17, I took my first ALT online workshop and let me share that experience with you. The workshop lasted 5 hours, included 4 classes and between each one of them a 10~15 minute break. The session where curated by Laurie Smitwick who talked us about Basic Design, and Mike & Alma Loveland about the use of design programs.

I must say I LOVED Laurie Smithwick of LEAP Design, she talked us about "Design Basics" like: 'Colors and Fonts in Graphic Design' and 'Logo Design'. She taught us how to design our blogs with the right colors by using a color palette, and also showed us how to choose fonts that could create the best impact in our design. Also we learned the process to create a logo; from brainstorming until the final product.

It was awesome! She made it very easy to understand and learn. At the end of each class there were Q&A sessions, and I was very happy to have one my questions about my logo answered; one that I had been wondering since a few days ago.

Moving to the next sessions, Mike and Alma Loveland of Ollibird taught us some tricks and good advices for bloggers, using Photoshop and Illustrator; they told us when to use each one of these awesome programs to make: edits, collages, and logo designs.

Even though I use Photoshop, I learned how to use some tools that I've never used before because I didn't know how to use them, and some new tricks that'll save me time. Finally I'll be able to design using Illustrator's pen! haha :)

Overall, the classes and curators were awesome; they have a lot of knowledge and shared it with us in a very simple, dynamic and fun way. About the platform in which the workshop was held: It had a nice layout, a friendly interface, fast connection, and a blog roll in where everybody shared their website, blog, instagram, etcetera.

Everybody was so nice, can't wait to visit their websites and blogs to leave some comments :) Remember I'll see you on Tuesday with an announcement of new and nice blog changes. Have a nice weekend !
¿Debería tomar clases en línea? Si te estás preguntando esto, mi respuesta es ¡Sí! No tengas miedo ya que aprenderás muchas cosas que te servirán a corto y largo plazo.

Por fin tomé mi primer taller en línea y estoy muy satisfecha, aprendí cosas nuevas sobre diseño para blog y sobre Photoshop e Illustrator. Anteriormente había usado estos programas pero el día de ayer aprendí cosas nuevas; tips que no conocía para agilizar el trabajo y también a emplear herramientas que antes no usaba porque no sabía su finalidad.

Sobre el tema de diseño también aprendí cosas nuevas, cómo combinar las paletas de colores, cómo seleccionar colores para que luzcan mejor en nuestros blogs y las tipografías que debemos usar para crear un mejor impacto. Otro tema del que se habló fue el diseño de logos desde la lluvia de ideas hasta tener el producto terminado.

Las clases y quienes las impartieron eran geniales; saben muchísimo del tema y compartieron con nosotros todos sus conocimientos de una manera muy sencilla, dinámica y divertida. Todos los que asistieron al taller eran muy agradables :) Recuerden que nos vemos el Martes para el anuncio de los cambios que habrán en el blog. Tengan un excelente fin de semana !

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