• Day 4: 10 Random Things About Me

    Day 4 of the “Feel Good Blogging Challenge” from the lovely Alex Beadon ♥! For today's challenge I’ll talk about 10 random things about me:

    Koori KooriStyle KooriCosplay Cosplay Anime Evangelion Rei Ayanami
    • I’m a big fan of anime and manga since I was 8! Haha that’s when Dragon Ball was on air ♥.
    • I like to do cosplay! Currently I’m working in a new one.
    • I love using emojis (Japanese smilies) but I restrain myself from using too many here at my blog (Greetings to Eliza who likes emojis like me ^.^/★)
    • As you may have seen I love kawaii (cute) things and Ball Jointed Dolls, especially Pullip.
    • Lately I’ve been playing a lot of Otome games. Actually one of my goals is to create my own Otome game! I already have the story in mind; it’ll be a horror/terror one. This leading to the next point:
    • I like horror/terror/suspense movies, dramas, series, anime, manga, books, etcetera... I don’t know why but I love this genre. Lately I find myself watching too much Discovery ID series.
    • And even though I like the previous genre, I can’t see real blood; it makes me feel weak. I can’t even watch those reality shows about surgeries because I really feel like I’ll pass out x_x.
    • I’ve already mentioned this but here’s again: I love Japan! Since I was 12 years old my dream was to visit Japan and learn Japanese. I had the opportunity to visit that beautiful country some years ago and I’m still trying to improve my Japanese ;)
    • If I’m not watching online shows I’m listening music. I love music! My favorite genre is Pop (Backstreet Boys!), Kpop, Jpop.
    • With my family I like to watch Korean dramas (series) and reality shows. We love Dream Team, Family Outing and Running Man!
    Koori KooriStyle KooriCosplay Cosplay Anime Evangelion Asuka

    3 more random things about me:
    • I like things like Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, and I’m trying to learn Tarot!
    • My favorite drink is Coca-Cola.
    • I’ve seen more than 300 times The Nightmare Before Christmas!
    And~ that’s all for today! I’ll see you tomorrow ♥.