• Monthly Wishes #5

    Finally December’s here! 2015 is just around the corner! Can’t believe how quickly this year went by :D

    Koori KooriStyle Kawaii Cute Monthly Wishes Goals Blogging

    ✓ Make my new cosplay! (Done! But I couldn’t wear it because I was sick. I’ll have to wait for the next convention :c)
    ☓ Create some doll items for my Etsy Shop
    ✓ Draw ideas for December’s “Koori Chan ~ Paper Doll”
    ✓ Make my first Youtube video tutorial (Recorded the channel's intro but… I don’t have a video editor yet T-T)
    ✓ Clean up my closet
    ✓ Brainstorm cool ideas for the 2015 subscribers freebies

    ☐ Release December’s “Koori Chan ~ Paper Doll”
    ☐ Install a video editor to be able to upload my first video and some bloopers of the introduction video :P
    ☐ Create the subscribers freebies for 2015
    ☐ Make a better business plan for my brand and re-organize my daily working schedule
    ☐ Have a lovely Christmas and New Year with my family ♥!

    What's your monthly wish? Leave a comment below, have a lovely week and I'll see you soon ♥!