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    Koori KooriStyle Kawaii Cute Tutorial Goals Wishes Achievements 2014 2015 Freebie Subscribers

    Happy New Year my Friends~ ★! The best wishes for all of you in this 2015, let’s work hard to achieve all of our goals and dreams! Today I’ll make a small recap about the 2014 achievements, 2015 goals and also I’ll give you, my dear readers, a small gift for this 2015.

    :: 2014 Achievements & Subscribers Gift ::
    • I began blogging with a schedule in order to be consistent updating once or twice every week.
    • Re-opened my Etsy shop, made a simple business plan and finally found my target market.
    • Took several online conferences (mainly on Alt), webinars and eCourses; I learned a lot about networking, marketing, business and blogging.
    • I began setting monthly goals which helped me a lot with my organization.
    • Found the motivation I needed to keep working hard for my brand/blog.
    • ... Dyed my Hair~! :P
    • Little by little I started making some online presence. Thanks to this networking I was able to interact with the bloggers who I admire and also met new wonderful bloggers who inspire and motivate me to keep moving on ♥.
    Those were only some of the achievements of 2014. And for me the most important was the last one: meeting wonderful people in this blogging world; thanks to all of you I keep going on, I found my motivation, and since I’m very grateful for all of your lovely energy I sent a small 2015 present for the readers who subscribed my blog. Yes, I sent it already to your email; it’s a DIY pattern to make a cute cookie felt case like these ones:

    Koori KooriStyle Kawaii Cute Tutorial Freebie Cookie Case Felt SIY HowTo Pattern PDF

    If you’re not in the subscribers list don’t worry my friend; you can easily subscribe just by typing your name and email address HERE (I promise I won’t spam) and you’ll get an email with the PDF tutorial~. Also you’ll keep getting blog updates directly in your inbox and special offers, advice, discounts and gifts I’ll give throughout the year only to my lovely subscribers ♥.

    :: 2015 Wishes ::
    • Keep following my working and blogging schedule to be organized.
    • Create and follow an expenses plan.
    • Improve or re-design KooriStyle's blog layout.
    • Focus 100% into my new target market.
    • Start making some monthly income from my brand/shop. Make an income of 15K in 2015! (Thank you so much Alex for this goal idea ♥!)
    • Google Analytics: Have 1K+ pageviews on a month and try to maintain that statistic.
    • Be consistent in create new products for my Etsy shop.
    • Learn more techniques for making doll items.
    • Rent and use a PO box.
    • Make more YouTube videos.
    • Adapt room with shelves for better craft organization.
    • Make a new cosplay.
    • Learn and try more cosplay techniques.
    • Read my pending books.
    • Get new glasses.
    • Be healthier (eat better, drink more water, make some exercise like talking walks…).
    • Start saving money! (I want to travel more in the future & buy a new PC)
    • Backup PC data in external HD.
    • Practice a lot my English pronunciation.
    • Practice again Japanese~
    • Before the year ends get/design a new KAWAII 2016 agenda/planner
    Do you have a special goal for this 2015? I’d love to read your comments below and, once again, Happy New Year my friends ♥!

    P.S. Made a change to my personal IG account, changed it from @KooriCosplay to @KooriStyle.Cori ;)