Liebster Award Nomination

by - September 18, 2020

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Hi friends~ (ゝ◡╹)ノ♡  Today’s been a very calm and relaxed day; I was thinking of ideas for this week’s blog post so I got pretty excited when my dear friend from RosyHappyLife nominated me for this Liebster Blog Award. Thank you so much my friend! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these so I’ll have a lot of fun replying my friend’s questions: 

If you had to describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?
Friendly, creative, reserved (If you’d like to get a better idea of my personality I’m a ISTJ, Aquarius, B+ and Rabbit) 🐰♒️.

Have you ever carved a pumpkin? If so, what design did you make it?
I’ve never craved one but it looks like so much fun, I’d like to make one with a “Nightmare Before Christmas” theme 🎃.

Do you believe in the paranormal?
Yes, I’d love to believe there are things that we can’t see at first glance; that there’s another world completely new for us to learn. I’m the type that wants to see things by their own eyes; at the moment I haven’t had any big paranormal encounter, but I’m sure there are many things out there for us to discover 👻.

Have you ever experienced anything paranormal?
Years ago I had a few tiny weird experiences that I might tell you in a future YouTube video or blog post (・ω<)☆

Your ideal day would be what?
I love any cloudy, windy, rainy, stormy day; especially at night time. I feel more creative on those days, plus it’s the perfect weather for horror/suspense movies ← ~(o `▽´ )oΨ

Do you have a favorite treat you’re looking to make this fall?
In fall/winter I love to have sweet bread (pan dulce) with hot chocolate, that's the best combo for me hehe. Or could be any chocolate cake.. brownies.. something super sweet and yummy 🎂.

Do you have a hobby you would like to pick up?
Crochet~ in the past I used to make many Amigurumi dolls  but I stopped because of ‘time’, I think I’d like to give it a try once again (...and reading 2 pending books I have on my bookshelf) 📚.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?
Japan! I’d love to go back once again, even if it’s just a relaxed trip to wander around, eating yummy food and desserts. Another place I’d like to visit is Seoul 🗼.

What is your go to outfit?
In general I dress very casually. In fall I like to wear earthy colored clothes: jeans, a long sleeved shirt and a knitted sweater or cardigan on top. When the weather gets colder I add a scarf, gloves and knitted hat 🍂.

Are you a cat or dog person?
Cat (=ↀxↀ=). Dogs are very cute too, but I feel they need a lot more attention than a cat and I feel even my personality fits a cat way better hehe.

Will you decorate for Halloween or fall this year?
Definitely! I already started to decorate my room with small halloween items. It’s not a big decoration, I just scattered around cute halloween items I love that make the room look more my style 🎃. 

Before moving into the nominees and questions I’d like to thank once again my friend RosyHappyLife. I had so much fun with her questions and it made me feel so much more into the Fall / Halloween mood (♡´౪`♡)

My nominees:
Nowadays I don’t know many bloggers besides my friend HappyRosyLife so if you bumped into this post and would like to answer my questions feel free to ♡ (´∀`)

My questions to the nominees (following my friend’s theme):
・What’s your favorite movie to watch for halloween?
・Favorite creature and why? (witches, vampires, werewolves, etc…)
・Your favorite halloween costume so far?
・What’s a costume you’d like to try for halloween?
・Favorite ‘trick or treat’ candy?
・Do you have any fun halloween experiences you’d like to share?
・For this holiday which color combination do you like more: orange+black or purple+black?
・If you could live inside a horror movie, which one would be?
・Would you rather be left alone with your best friend for 2 days in a ghost ship or a locked haunted house?
・Do you think you’d survive a zombie apocalypse?
・Regarding the zombie question, what role would you play? (helper, leader, follower, lonely wolf, etc…)

Rules for the Liebster Blogger Award:
・Thank the blogger who nominated you and give a link to their blog.
・Answer the 11 questions asked of you.
・Nominate 11 other bloggers.
・Ask ‘your nominees’ 11 questions.
・Notify your nominees once you have uploaded your post.

❄ Cori・氷 ❄