• Monthly Wishes #9

    Hi Friends~! a new month has arrived. I can't believe how fast 2015 is going by; I still have many projects to complete but I'm working on them little by little :)

    Koori KooriStyle Kawaii Cute Planner Blog Agenda Weekly Etsy Decoration
    (You can get this printable blog planner HERE)


    ✓ Install room shelves
    ✓ Practice more my English and Japanese
    ✓ Make and upload more handmade items on KooriStyle’s Etsy shop
    ✓ Send friend’s snail mail & winner’s prize
    ✓ Interact more in YouTube!


    ☐ Start using my Kikki.K Planners~ (I’m still waiting for them to arrive :P)
    ☐ Complete The Nectar Collective’s Instagram Challenge
    ☐ Design and upload digital items on KooriStyle’s Etsy shop
    ☐ Record a couple of videos to edit and upload to Youtube
    ☐ Keep interacting on YouTube and my two Instagram accounts!

    What's your monthly wish for April? I’d love to read your goal below ♥! Have a lovely week and I'll see you soon~!