Pink, Hair, Cosplay, Cosplayer, Bulma, Dragon, Ball

Name Cori (氷)
BirthdayFebruary 16
Living inMexico
Koori (kōri) means "ice" in japanese
Languages Spanish, English, Japanese (intermediate-low)

Hi! I'm Cori. A youtuber and crafter that enjoys her days drawing, cosplaying and creating lovely items and crafts. Besides my interest for handmade I also love: stationery, planners, BJD (Pullip), jpop/kpop, coca-cola and cute things !

At 2010, I created this blog to share my creations with my family and friends, but now is the home of my ideas, advice, DIY, and more. By 2011 I was still a Computer Engineer working at a company from “9 to 5”. I loved my career but as I worked in an office for 3 years I realized that was not what I really wanted to do. I wanted to make crafts, to create cute and lovely things with my own hands. So I began studying a new career: Fashion Design. For two years I learned a lot about designing, drawing and sewing. I participated in two runways at my school and finally I graduated at July, 2013.

After that I focused at giving an official name to my blog; then at November 2013, Koori Style was decided as my brand name. Having the blog and brand name ready I started taking blogging seriously. Koori Style represents my dreams and goals. Is the place where I can share my creations, ideas and quality handmade items. While I'm also working on my youtube channel I'll try to update this blog once or twice a week.

Thank you so much if you’re still reading ;) Have a lovely day !