12 Things Alt on Topic Taught me About Pinterest

by - October 28, 2014

Hi! Last Friday I got to attend October’s Alt on Topic. This time, the classes were focused on marketing, strategies and working with sponsors. The Pinterest Strategies were curated by Alexandra Evjen of AVE Styles; and she gave us a lot of great advice to implement in our Pinterest accounts. So~ today I’d love to share this information with you ♥:

  • Since most of the users visit pinterest via mobile, the images display way better in vertical orientation.
  • If you want to add text, a logo or watermark; make it simple and place it at the top or bottom of the image with readable fonts.
  • When using Pinterest as a marketing tool, have in mind that it should represent the style of your brand.
  • Your brand items will have better impact by showing them in use on yourself or a model (accessories, clothes, shoes, etcetera).
  • Instead of showing a full shot of the product, show its details. If you are wearing the items try not to look at the camera. Most of the images on Pinterest don’t show a face.
  • NEVER ever~ pin or re-pin something that is not your real style. Stay true to your style. Your boards should be able to show all of your personality just by looking at them ;)

Koori KooriStyle ALT Alt-on-topic Pinterest Marketing Strategies Advice
(I made this pin for you… An horizontal pin hehe :P)

  • It’s always good to share pins by other amazing people from their blogs, webpages, or online shops like Etsy. Remember Pinterest is not only for self-promote.
  • How many boards should we use? Well, a good average number of boards is 20; each one of them with at least 30 pins.
  • Use friendly board titles. Instead of “DIY” you could name it as "Quick & Easy DIY to Try".
  • Don’t forget to add the URL of the pin source on its description.
  • A recommended number of pins/re-pins is 5 a day using less than 5 hashtags.
  • The best Pinning hour is on Friday from 2pm~4pm and 8pm~1am (I’m one of the nocturnal Pinners :P).

Hope this tips were helpful for you. Do you have another tip for Pinterest? Leave a comment below, I’ll love to hear it! See you soon ♥!

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