What is a Pullip Doll?

by - December 15, 2014

Hi friends~! How are you? Today I’m going to talk about a topic that got my attention years ago: Pullip Dolls. But before we start learning more about these pretty dolls I have to say that this topic has a lot of information; so, today I’m going to focus on what a Pullip doll is.

Koori KooriStyle Kawaii Cute BJD PullipDoll What's What is a Pullip Doll

Pullip (풀잎), meaning "leaf" in Korean, is a collectible fashion BJD (ball jointed doll) created in 2003 by Cheonsang Cheonha of South Korea. A Pullip doll price can be on the range of $90 USD ~ $200 USD. After these dolls were released the success was very noticeable that other companion dolls were added to the Pullip family:
  • Namu (나무, tree), Pullip’s ex boyfriend.
  • Taeyang (태양, sun), Pullip’s current boyfriend.
  • Dal (달, moon), Taeyang's younger sister.
  • Byul (별, star), Dal's best friend .
  • Isul (이슬, dew), Pullip's younger brother.
  • Yeolume (여루메, fruit), Pullip's future daughter. She’s the latest family member added in February 2013.
  • Little Pullip is also a miniature line with 1:12 scale bodies and 1:6 scale heads.
Another point we must mention about Pullip dolls is the eye mechanism that allows them to wink and move the eyes from side to side via levers located on the back of the head. And Pullip dolls released after January 2008 can also keep their eyes closed via these levers. Pullip dolls have an articulated body that allows them to pose very easily and can also be customized.

Koori KooriStyle Kawaii Cute BJD PullipDoll What's What is a Pullip Doll

A Pullip is 30cm (12in) tall; the body is about 22cm (9in) tall and is on the 1:6 scale, while her oversized head is about 8cm (3in) tall on the 1:3 scale. With a 1:6 scale body, Pullip body is approximately the size of many popular playscale fashion dolls, like Barbie.

New editions of Pullips are released on a monthly basis and limited editions are also sold occasionally. Each doll has a unique name with distinct face makeup (called a "faceup"), hair, outfit, accessories, collector's card, doll stand, and box.

Koori KooriStyle Kawaii Cute BJD PullipDoll What's What is a Pullip Doll

As you can see there’s a lot of information about this topic but I promise in future blog updates I’ll talk more in detail about topics like: Pullip’s family members, body types, customization, DIY, etcetera… ;)

Did you know about Pullips? Do you have one or would like to have a Pullip doll? Leave a comment below and I’ll see you pretty soon ♥.

Images Credits: Cheonsang Cheonha, Pullip.net  ///  Info Source: Wikipedia, Pullip.net