Monthly Wishes #10

by - May 01, 2015

Hi Friends~! How was your month? I can't believe it's already May, 2015 is going by pretty fast, isn't it? Today, as every month, I'd like to share with you my monthly wishes. Last week the nectar collective's link-up was over *sad* but I decided to keep on with this on my blog since I've noticed this helps me a lot to keep track and thus accomplishing my goals. Remember you can also make this “monthly goals” on your blog or agenda each month so we can accomplish them together :D

Koori KooriStyle Kawaii Cute Planner Kikki KikkiK Stationery Goods Goodies Agenda Journal Washi Deco Tape Sticky Note Notes Paper Clips

✓ Start using my Kikki.K Planners~
☓ Complete The Nectar Collective’s Instagram Challenge.
✓ Design and upload digital items on KooriStyle’s Etsy shop.
✓ Record a couple of videos to edit and upload to YouTube.
✓ Keep interacting on YouTube and my two Instagram accounts!

☐ Give my best at my new job! (Yes~ I'll start working next week, I'm super excited!).
☐ Make some cute polymer clay charms using the tips I learned from the lovely MissLadyinLaveder at Tickle Your Cute
    Bone Blog (clean clay, detailed clay & preserved clay tips) ♥.
☐ Make and upload digital items and stationery at KooriStyle’s Etsy shop.
☐ Record some tutorial videos (the ones I recorded last month were about planners and I still haven’t edited them hehe).
☐ Keep practicing my English pronunciation and Japanese. Also I've been trying to learn Korean by myself... wish me
    luck my friends :P

What's your monthly wish for May? I'd love to read your top goal below ♥! Have a lovely week and I'll see you soon :)