Where To Buy Cute (+Affordable) Planner Stationery

by - June 26, 2015

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Hello my dear friends~! Today’s blog post is going to be about online shops where I normally buy my planner goodies at an affordable price ;)
  • Kikki-K: The first shop I’m going to list is Kikki-K, why? Because I think this place have lots of lovely designs and frequently has sales of 30%~50% off. Also, besides planners, wallets, journals… Kikki-K offers a lot of cute stationery for a reasonable price. The shipping is just $10 USD and you can get a free -$10 USD code; if you’re interested in reading some tips about buying Kikki-K planners you can check out my previous blog post: Tips For Buying Your First Kikki-K Planner.
  • Esty: Well, Esty is a well known place where you can find lots of handmade, vintage and supply items. I’ve found several shops with a great variety of planner goodies plus affordable shipping. Some Etsy shops I frequently buy from are: Zakkalover and PrettyM.
  • Blippo: I haven’t actually bought anything from this shop… yet! hehe. Blippo is a place where you can find many “Kawaii” items; accessories, stationary and even Japanese candies!
  • KooriStyle: Last but not least~ if you’re looking for some simple and cute planner inserts you can check out my Etsy Shop too! I also have some cute handmade planner stickers and sticky notes ;D

Where do you get your cute stationery from? I’d love to read your comments below my friends. Have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you soon probably with a new YouTube video ♥!