Easy Origami: Balloon With Hidden Message

by - January 15, 2016

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Hi Friends~♥ It's been a year since I uploaded my first (official) YouTube video and, in order to celebrate that, I made a new origami DIY video just for you ;D With this tutorial you'll be able to make a balloon with a hidden message ★.

Do you like origami videos? If you like these kind of videos I could make a small video series about origami techniques so please leave your comments below ♥. See you soon my Friends, have a nice day :D

Spanish/Español: ¡Hola amigas(os)! El día de hoy me gustaría compartir con ustedes un vídeo sobre origami. Recuerden que los vídeos nuevos ya tienen subtítulos en español para que puedan disfrutarlos mejor *abrazos* :)