Koori Style Fabric Labels

by - August 28, 2014

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Hi! I feel like it has been a long week since I didn't updated "Catch Up Friday" last week. Tomorrow I hope to be able to post the Catch Up together with the Monthly Goals for September :D

Well, today's update will be very, very quick since I have a lot to do for the order of sewing bags. This weekend I'm going to finish it! :)

Last week I got my new Koori Style labels~♪ I'm super happy and excited, they're great, and the fabric I chose has a nice texture, and the colors are exactly what I've expected.

Cute Kawaii Spoonflower Fabric Label Koori Style
Cute Kawaii Spoonflower Fabric Label Koori Style

I created and ordered them from Spoonflower. Soon I'll be making a tutorial about how to create your own labels using this awesome site.

Cute Kawaii Spoonflower Fabric Label Koori Style Cute Kawaii Spoonflower Fabric Label Koori Style

Have you ordered online labels or business cards for your brand/blog? I felt like a kid with a new present when I got the package :P Have a lovely day ♥!

¡Hola! La actualización de hoy va a ser muy, muy pequeña ya que tengo algunos pendientes por hacer de una orden que espero terminar el fin de semana :)

La semana pasada recibí mis nuevas etiquetas de Koori Style! Estoy muy feliz y emocionada ya que son exactamente lo que esperaba; la textura y los colores son geniales *Ver imágenes arriba*

¿Alguna vez has ordenado por internet etiquetas o tarjetas de presentación para tu marca/blog? Yo me sentí como niña pequeña cuando recibí la orden :P Tengan un lindo día ♥.