Catch Up Friday #4 + Monthly Wishes

by - August 29, 2014

Wow! It's almost September. Last month went by very quick, don't you think so?
This time, like the previous month, I would like to share my goals for the month that will begin very soon.


☑ Organize the re-opening for my Etsy shop at September! (Almost there :D)
☑ Keep on learning!
☑ Decide if I should take more online workshops. (I'll try more online classes in the upcoming months)
☒ Schedule blog posts (Oops... Once again :P)
☑ Keep trying to stop being doubtful and overthinking stuff.
☒ Save some money to move this blog to Wordpress!
☑ Keep networking and meeting more wonderful bloggers ♥.
☑ Try a new online challenge! (Done! Finished the "Just Ship It Challenge". You can see the result HERE)
☑ Keep working on a Blog Series to launch at September.
☑ Start learning Korean!

☐ Re-open my Etsy shop!
☐ Make one online sale. (Yes, to begin with I only want to have one sale to motivate myself :P)
☐ Try a new online challenge.
☐ Launch a new Blog Series.
☐ Make new Koori Style's products for the Etsy shop.
☐ Schedule, schedule, schedule. (This time I'll do it!)
☐ Always keep on learning~!

As for the Catch Up Friday, last two weeks were great. I had a lot of work to do but I'm happy since this weekend I'm going to complete the order and this way I'll have more time for my blogging projects and Koori Style's products.

One of my favorite things of the previous weeks was that I started the Korean lessons, every Saturday I go from 3pm to 7pm. Last lessons were about reading and writing, soon we'll begin with grammar :)

Also the labels I sent to print last month arrived some days ago! :D

And one of the best things of this week was to finish an online challenge which helped me to create a new product.

Cute Kawaii Koori Style  KooriStyle Weekly Monthly Blog Planner Agenda Organization Printable PDF Blogging
Cute Simple Printable PDF Monthly Weekly Blog Planner Agenda Blogging PDF Downlad Koori Style Cute Simple Printable PDF Monthly Weekly Blog Planner Agenda Blogging PDF Downlad Koori Style

It's a "Printable Monthly & Weekly Blog Planner". Since I had trouble scheduling and arranging my blog posts I decided to create and sell this cute planner. You can buy your copy (for just $5) and see more info about the challenge and planner HERE :D

How was your week? Do you use a planner to keep your blog post organized? Have a beautiful weekend ♥.