Day 2: My Little Story

by - October 15, 2014

Hi! Here’s day two of the “Feel Good Blogging Challenge” from the lovely Alex Beadon ♥!

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As mentioned in the previous post; I'm a fashion designer and a beginner blogger entrepreneur but... at first I wasn't chasing these dreams. Before I was a computer engineer and, even though I love programming languages, that wasn't my real dream; I never felt comfortable working in an office. I worked giving the best of me but I knew that wasn't for me.

Some years later I finally ended up returning to my real dream. I was able to study fashion design, and by my own I kept learning about graphic design. And now, at this moment of my life, I don't regret anything. Even my first career helped me to learn about marketing, web pages, and many more things that I implement in this blog. And now I'm very happy that I decided to chase my dreams.

I'm still a beginner but I'll give the best of me to achieve my goals!

Right now I'm totally passionate about my brand Koori Style which I explained a little bit in Day 1 of this challenge. Some weeks ago I made a big change in my brand and target market but... It was an excellent decision!

Now I’m on my way trying to become a fashion designer for dolls, yes, dolls ♥. I know it's an uncommon goal but since 3 years ago this was an idea that I couldn't get off my head, and now I’ll go for it and make it work since is something I really love! 

And that's all for today. This was a difficult challenge since I still struggle writing stories :P
Have a nice day! I'll see you tomorrow ♥.