Day 6: Things I do when I don't feel 'good enough' about my work

by - October 19, 2014

Day 6 of the “Feel Good Blogging Challenge” from the lovely Alex Beadon ♥!

Sometimes I feel stuck, like I’m not moving forward. I have many dreams, some of which I’ve already shared with you in this challenge, but sometimes bad thoughts invade my mind. Thoughts like: “I'm not good enough”, “How will I be able to be a 'real' blogger”, “Why everybody is able to reach their goals but me”, etcetera… Sometimes I feel just like a beginner and I un-motivate myself, but this only last for about an hour or so because I must keep myself strong; If I don’t trust myself I will never reach my goals and dreams.

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So~ for today’s challenge I created a small list about the things I do to keep on!
  • First I stop working for a moment; I leave everything aside and just listen to music; music that calms me, most likely with violin or instrumental powerful tracks.
  • I read some motivational quotes or post by the bloggers whom I admire; those bloggers that makes me feel I want to be like them. I want to reach my dreams by doing what I love!
  • Read my blog posts, specially the latest ones. It makes me feel so happy to see your lovely comments; that's the thing that inspires me the most when I’m having a hard time.
  • Speak with my closest friends. Yes, sometimes only by letting everything get out of my mind I feel much better.
  • I tell myself that I have to keep calm, be constant and persistent with my blog, and little by little I’ll be on my right track.
I thought this challenge was going to be difficult for me but I ended up writing pretty easily. What do you do to keep moving on in 'bad days'? I’ll see you tomorrow ♥.