Day 7: Living Dead Dolls, Right or Wrong?

by - October 20, 2014

Last day of the “Feel Good Blogging Challenge” from the lovely Alex Beadon ♥! I thought yesterday’s challenge was a difficult one but, I think this is harder than yesterday's haha. But since I don’t like to give up halfway I’ll complete it ;)

Today we have to talk about a controversial topic. I took some minutes to think about what I should talk. Since my niche is about dolls, hobbies and a little bit of blogging, I couldn't decide easily. I thought about “Expensive Hobbies”, “Pullip vs. Blythe”, “Wordpress vs. Blogger”, etcetera. But finally, since halloween’s near, I decided to go with a spooky topic.

Doll Collectionable Living Dead Dolls
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Living Dead Dolls, as you can see, is a line of horror dolls. The first series was released in 2001 and since then new series have been arriving to the market. When these dolls were launched, I remember listening news on the radio about this topic. People found this dolls ‘weird’ or ‘evil’, some others loved them. And today I’ll give my small opinion:

As I’ve mentioned in this challenge I love horror stories, books, movies, etcetera… so you may have guessed that I like this dolls. I think Living Dead Dolls are great idea BUT only for collectors who are old enough to have this kind of toys. I don’t think they should be bought for a kid… That would be weird hehe.

Doll Collectionable Living Dead Dolls Doll Collectionable Living Dead Dolls
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I’m the kind of person who thinks that every product has its correct niche. So, even if they look spooky and a little bit weird, for its niche it's a perfect item. Because mainly doll collectors and horror lovers would buy these dolls. I have been tempted to buy one but I’ve only found them on anime conventions and the prices are way over the original one T-T

So, what do you think? Are these dolls “right” or “wrong”? Leave a comment below and I’ll see you soon ;)