10 Instagram Marketing Tips from Alt on Topic

by - January 08, 2015

Hi Friends~! Last October I got to attend Alt on Topic, and days later I wrote the “12 Things Alt on Topic Taught me About Pinterest”. This time I’ll talk about the “Instagram Marketing” class that was curated by Susan Petersen of Freshly Picked. She was super kind and gave us a lot of advice to implement in our Instagram Marketing strategy.

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  • Hashtags are super important. Using the perfect #’s could lead to more followers!
  • Keep track on trending hashtags so you can implement them too in your product description.
  • Don’t post only items pictures; remember to show the personality of the brand ;)
  • Show more images of the creation process or a behind-the-scenes.
  • Create good content that could be a good tool for your followers.
  • Make your images eye-catching! Try to use consistent colors or filters on your images.
  • Encourage the clients to use your brand hashtag in their images. This way you can find
    them easily and know their feedback.
  • You could also make some giveaways as a ‘thank you’ for your followers.
  • Post your images around the same hours.
  • Try to post around 1 ~ 3 times a day.

Hope this information was helpful. Do you have another tip for Instagram? Leave a comment below, I’ll love to hear it! See you soon ♥!