Monthly Wishes #6

by - January 05, 2015

Hi friends~! Finally 2015 it's here :D I'm super excited to begin this new year with a lot of new projects!

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Release December’s “Koori Chan ~ Paper Doll” (This project is on hold)
✓ Install a video editor to be able to upload my first video and some bloopers of the introduction video (Done! You can see the first video HERE)
✓ Create the subscribers freebies for 2015
✓ Make a better business plan for my brand and re-organize my daily working schedule
✓ Have a lovely Christmas and New Year with my family ♥!

☐ Create and follow an expenses plan
☐ Install room shelves
☐ Rent a PO box
☐ Renew KooriStyle domain
☐ Make and upload my handmade doll items on KooriStyle’s Etsy shop
☐ Plan my 1st giveaway (Next month is my birthday so I'd like to celebrate it with a giveaway :P)
☐ Upload my first try of a video-tutorial

When I published the blog post about my first YouTube video I mentioned some ‘bloopers’ I made while recording it, so~ here they are hehe ^.^;

What's your monthly wish for January? I’d love to read your goal below ♥! Have a lovely week and I'll see you soon!