Where to Buy Pullip & Blythe Dolls

by - January 21, 2015

Hi Friends~! How’s been your week? Mine has been a little bit busy but it makes me happy because I’m creating new items for my shop ♥. For today’s update I want to talk to you about where to buy Pullip and Blythe dolls.

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As I mentioned before, I’ve bought my Pullip dolls from PullipStyle.com. I even made a full review about this shop and you can read it HERE, I fully recommend this site ♥. 

Another place where you can buy Pullip is from the official page: Pullip.net. I’ve never ordered from here but since is the official shop you can find more information and lovely Pullip images.

Lastly, about where to buy Blythe dolls I’ve found the official shop: JunieMoonShop.com. At the moment I don’t own any Blythe doll but if I were to order one I would buy it from here.

Also, there’s always eBay to buy dolls, but if you decide to go for this option be careful and don’t forget to check the seller review, the policies and shipping information ;)

I’m still a beginner when it comes to buying dolls, but once I get to order from more sites I’ll make reviews to help you have more information before buying a doll. Have you ever bought from these sites? Do you recommend another site? Have a lovely day and I’ll see you next week ♥!

PS. Maybe from now on I’m going to be updating once a week until I catch up with the work for my Etsy shop, then I’ll go back to update twice a week ;)