Mumuso: Magical Girl Wands

by - September 13, 2020

Hi friends! Hope you are having a nice day; past weeks I've been decluttering my room and I found some things that I like a lot and decided to keep, like these two magical girl wands I bought on my trip to Mexico City at the beginning of 2020. I got them at the Mumuso store (same place I got the hydrating CC cushion I told you about) (*^ω^)━☆゜.*

When I saw them they reminded me a lot to the Sailor Moon wands so I decided to buy both (I tried to check if there were more styles but just found these two: pink and blue). As you can see the front and back of the box is very simple but it has a cute frame decoration and all the information at the back. They were around $7 USD each .

I loved the designs! When you press the small heart button at the front of the wand, it starts flashing light and sound, they just need one AAA battery (which is not included) . Let me show you a small clip of both wands working (♡´艸`)

I bought them thinking they could work great for a magical girl cosplay, if I give it a try I'll show you on a future blog post hehe. Do you like magical or cute items like these? Have a nice day and I'll see you soon my friends (ゝ◡╹)ノ♡

Español: Hola, hola~ espero estén teniendo un lindo fin de semana. Yo me la he pasado limpiando y organizando mi habitación; encontré varias cosas que me gustan mucho y decidí quedarme, como estás baritas de 'magical girls' que me compré en Mumuso a inicios de año. Desde que las vi me recordaron mucho a las de Sailor Moon así que decidí comprar ambos estilos. Me gustaron mucho los diseños y cuando presionas el botón en forma de corazón emiten luces y sonido! (requieren una pila AAA que no viene incluida). Las compré por $150 MXN, se me hizo un muy buen precio. Creo quedarían bien en un cosplay inspirado en el tema de 'magical girls' jeje. ¿Les gustan los artículos mágicos o lindos como estos? Tengan un bonito día y los veré muy pronto con un nuevo post (ゝ◡╹)ノ♡

❄ Cori・氷 ❄